Fastest TOEIC score increase by AI adaptive learning

Over 4 million users have experienced an increase of scores in the shortest amount of time by the globally proven AI technology by CB insights.


465+ lectures

Learn TOEIC with personalized lectures from each concept, problem solving type, to tips & tricks for a higher TOEIC score.

9,800+ Questions

Practice your vulnerable TOEIC questions that reflect the latest test trends that can increase your TOEIC score in the shortest time.

2,000+ Vocabulary

From basic words for English, to essential words to solve TOEIC problems and to get a high score

※ The number of content can vary from country to country.

AI Tutor knows how you can best improve in TOEIC

Santa automatically learns about you and ultimately provides a personalized learning path from over 300 million TOEIC learning data.


Identify your weaknesses first

AI Tutor analyzes the user’s weaknesses that need to be improved first by learning the diagnostic test result and your real-time problem-solving data.

Fix your weaknesses intensively

Don’t waste your time to learn a problem that you can already solve. AI helps you learn your weaknesses intensively to improve your grades.

Achieve your TOEIC score by personalized courses

You can predict TOEIC score by the most accurate score prediction AI technology of Santa and receive tailored lectures for you.

All-in-one learning for TOEIC

Santa provides everything necessary for TOEIC learning, such as lectures, explanations, vocabulary, review, score prediction and weakness analysis report, and practice test-- all on one app.

Score Prediction

Predict your TOEIC score just within 10 minutes

Skill Diagnosis

Analyze your TOEIC skills in detail through visual analytics

Personalized Courses

Learn TOEIC effectively with AI-recommended courses based on your skill level

Part-by-Part Learning

Intensively study the areas you are weak at and improve your skills for each part

Vocabulary Learning

Learn the essential vocabulary of TOEIC in the most efficient way

Learning History

Manage your learning history and review your wrong answers

User Review

Listen to the firsthand reviews from the actual users. Check the reason why people choose Santa.

"It was so nice to be able to study during breaks, commuting, and even lying down at home! When I had time, I solved Part 5 problems on the app, and my RC score went up a lot."
Transfer Student
"To be honest, spending money on TOEIC was a waste. I solved a lot of questions through the app for about a week, so I got a higher score on the TOEIC test, which I had neglected for two to three years."
Graduating student
“After 5 days of experience, if you solve a lot of problems, it will be similar to the actual TOEIC score. The problem keeps on throwing me weak parts, so I get cringed and work hard.”
Job Applicant

Frequently asked questions

General Questions about Santa

How many devices can each user use?

There is no limit to the number of devices, so You can learn with Santa via our Android app, iOS app, and web (mobile, tablet or desktop).

Do I need the internet to use Santa?

Yes! You will need an internet connection to learn lessons. Be sure to check your wifi connection to save your learning data.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

Yes, our sales team will find the right pricing options for you. Contact our sales team for a variety of options.

Can I increase my TOEIC score?

At Santa, we're developing our courses with AI solution to get you to reach your goal efficiently.

Do I need to sign-up for the diagnostic test?

You can test your level without registration. However, you can view your complete test results and history after signing up to the Santa.

Can I use Santa for free?

You can use Santa for free or unlimited plans. Get started with Santa for free!

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