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Based on the results of the level test, the Riiid AI finds the most effective learning path. As the learning progresses, the AI constantly analyzes it to find the best content and learning path. Experience the shortest possible increase in scores with accurate diagnostics and hyper-personalized content.


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Customize Your Learning Journey

Riiid AI can narrow down what type and level of questions you need to practice to reach your goal, and sets the starting point for your learning journey. Based on the diagnostic test result, Riiid AI explores courses of study with the potentially greatest score-increase effect. Instead of studying the entire book or lecture from top to bottom, you can focus on the questions and lectures that you really need to master to reach your goal.

Improve Your Score

Riiid AI continuously updates and recommends the most effective next learning contents as you progress. We know your knowledge status will change as you study over time. Each time a question is solved, Riiid AI computes the expected values of learning outcome per your updated knowledge status, thereby finding and recommending the collection of ones that give the maximum score improvement.

Adaptive Learning Course

On top of the questions to solve, the AI also recommends an ample number of lectures just right for you. Riiid AI model provides the users with a set of daily learning cycles consisting of three contents: video lectures, vocabulary, and questions. Unlike traditional textbooks or lectures, Riiid’s learning is adaptive to your level. In this highly personalized process, the user can experience the highest learning efficacy.

Effective and Precise Tutor

With the combination of precise diagnosis and highly personalized learning content, learning with Riiid AI helps you achieve a far greater score increase than any online or offline lecture. In industries by services and in academia by papers, the efficacy of Riiid’s recommender system is proven to be more effective and precise than any recommender algorithm or human-made recommendations. The more data we gather and more improvements we make in our AI algorithm, the higher learning efficacy you will experience.

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Finding Your Weak Spots

If your English teacher does not tell you what your weaknesses are, your TOEIC skills will not improve.

Personalized Course

Riiid AI for TOEIC(R) identifies your weaknesses and help you improve on those weaknesses in the actual exams.

Spend Less time, Learn More

It is more efficient to focus on parts that you are relatively weak at, rather than ones you already know well enough.

AI Care

The system motivates you by visualizing their current knowledge status juxtaposed to your target scores as well as comparing to average user score trends.

Lecture Curations

Based on a matchering rate indicator that quantifies the fitness of lectures to each user, Riiid AI recommends the most personalized lectures.

Part-by-Part Learning

Customized questions are provided part-by-part so users can repeatedly solve similar problems and increase scores within the shortest amount of time.

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"It was so nice to be able to study during breaks, commuting, and even lying down at home! When I had time, I solved Part 5 problems on the app, and my RC score went up a lot."
Transfer Student
"To be honest, spending money on TOEIC was a waste. I solved a lot of questions through the app for about a week, so I got a higher score on the TOEIC test, which I had neglected for two to three years."
Graduating student
“After 5 days of experience, if you solve a lot of problems, it will be similar to the actual TOEIC score. The problem keeps on throwing me weak parts, so I get cringed and work hard.”
Job Applicant

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