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TOEIC Diagnostic AI Tests Proven By 4 million Users.


Santa has analyzed 4 million user’s data to better predict your TOEIC score. It analyzes the relationship between TOEIC test questions and the user's current knowledge level and selects questions that can evaluate the current knowledge level well. We also present the optimal learning path based on the difference between the current score and the target score.


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TOEIC Learning Data


Average Score Increase on 20 Hours of Learning


Predicted Score Accuracy

Deep Learning AI Model

Riiid AI knows the relationships between the questions and your current knowledge status. Riiid AI has accumulated and pre-trained 300 million user interaction data solving the TOEIC test-prep questions. In this gigantic pool of data and the users’ final test score, our deep-learning AI model learns the relationships between the questions and traces the knowledge status of the student.

Measuring Your Knowledge

The diagnostic tests are based on the most representative questions that evaluate your current knowledge status the best. Out of those 300 million data points, our AI then chooses the diagnostic test sets on the basis of the most frequently solved questions by users. That is why solving only 12 questions is just enough to accurately evaluate the user’s level. The AI model takes into account not only how many questions you answered correctly, but also other behavioral signals such as how long it took for you to finish the test, which wrong choice ou chose etc. Taking these factors into consideration, Riiid AI evaluates the user’s level.

Smartest Learning Path

Based on the gap between your current knowledge status and desired score, the AI suggests the smartest learning path. After the student completes the test, the AI model can predict the user’s estimated score with 95% accuracy. The user then can fathom the gap between your estimated score and desired score, from which the AI model can accordingly plan the smartest and the most optimized learning path for you.

Santa performs :

Finding Your Weak Spots

If your English teacher does not tell you what your weaknesses are, your TOEIC skills will not improve.

Personalized Course

Riiid AI for TOEIC identifies your weaknesses and help you improve on those weaknesses in the actual exams.

Spend Less time, Learn More

It is more efficient to focus on parts that you are relatively weak at, rather than ones you already know well enough.

AI Care

The system motivates you by visualizing their current knowledge status juxtaposed to your target scores as well as comparing to average user score trends.

Lecture Curations

Based on a matchering rate indicator that quantifies the fitness of lectures to each user, Riiid AI recommends the most personalized lectures.

Part-by-Part Learning

Customized questions are provided part-by-part so users can repeatedly solve similar problems and increase scores within the shortest amount of time.

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