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How AI Works


How AI Works
Our approach

How can AI predict scores?

Riiid AI has made a rapid growth of learning data collection, which enabled more accurate prediction of user’s scores. The number of correct answers from the users and time they spent on those questions are collected as a large data set for analysis. Once enough data has been collected, AI can now predict the user’s score with 95% accuracy.

Impressive Learning Cycle

Recommending personalized learning materials

Based on the learning history, the next personalized learning contents are updated. Riiid AI helps users practice on their weaknesses by providing them with questions and lectures the users are likely to make mistakes on. Within a short period of time, users can experience score improvements by continuously practicing the concepts they otherwise might find unfamiliar.

How AI Works
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Santa helps users achieve maximum learning outcomes in the shortest period of time with ultra-personalized learning.

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How AI Works
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