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Hi, Riiider internet


AI TOEIC Tutor chosen by 3 million students, ‘Riiid Tutor’ is released! Try it for free now!

Riiid Tutor is an All-In-One TOEIC learning solution that includes TOEIC RC & LC questions and explanations, TOEIC video lectures, and TOEIC VOCA.

Riiid AI was selected as the global TOP 2 in education by CB Insight in recognition of its world-class technology, and based on the overwhelming 300 million TOEIC learning data, it enables to achieve the target score in the shortest time.


  • An average of 165 points increase by 20 minutes of study per day

Riiid tutor (Santa TOEIC) users experienced an average score increase of 165 points when studying for 20 minutes everyday for a month. Experience a more efficient way of learning with Riiid Tutor!

  • Find out my TOEIC score in just 3 minutes

Riiid tutor’s free level test accurately predicts my TOEIC score in just three minutes. It analyzes your skill level of each part such as listening, vocabulary, and grammar and recommends customized curriculum for the fastest score increase.

  • Recommend customized curriculum with 300 million TOEIC data

Riiid AI, which analyzed more than 300 million TOEIC data, provides the most effective curriculum to increase scores. Eliminate unnecessary problems and experience faster score increases with customized curriculum that consist only of essential questions and lectures.

  • Everything you need to study TOEIC with AI

Experience everything about TOEIC including 1,000 TOEIC questions and 1,000 TOEIC vocabs that are the latest trends.


If you have any questions, feel free to email here :





Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

What are the advantages of a Santa? There are 4 advantages of a Santa. You can learn anytime, anywhere. You can use your time efficiently, regardless of location, through mobile during rest and commuting. With a mobile and tablet to studying as much as you want from anywhere. Learn a customized course that suits your skills. AI algorithms analyze learner’s weakness and provide customized problems. Minimize unnecessary learning expenses by providing only necessary questions or lectures. Get recommendations for an optimized one-on-one TOEIC learning curriculum based on your learning level. TOEIC scores can be increased by using review and repetitive learning. Review the questions and lecture contents that you solved through ‘My Note’. You can only check the parts you need by setting up certain parts and wrong questions. Raise your TOEIC score through repeat learning. You can check the TOEIC study report. We provide visualized reports by analyzing skills based on the data we learned. Check out the learning report analyzed by AI AI. If the method of TOEIC learning changes, the score changes.

Membership is available through Apple, Google, and email accounts. Subscription to Apple and Google accounts will be made through account link, and membership will be completed through name and email entry and consent from [Required] and [Select].

Currently, the Riiid TUTOR is available on iOS and Android devices. You can download app on the Apple or Google Play Stores.

You can check your account information in [APP – My Information – Name – Account Information].

[Recommended Learning] in the Riiid Tutor is a part where AI analyzes the user’s learning data and recommends the most necessary and most vulnerable problems, lectures, and vocabulary learning. We provide unlimited AI recommendations, so please use them usefullly for learning.

You can see what you studied on the ‘review’ tap.

You can’t check the whole lecture of the Riiid TUTOR, and you can check it through category classification.

A lecture note refers to a summary of a video lecture. Note is not provided for all lectures provided by the Ruede tutor; some may not have lecture notes. View lecture notes It is provided at the bottom of the video section when logging in to the Ruid tutor > Selective Learning > Lecture > Lecture, and supports both PC and Mobile App. The content of this Guide may not be applicable to the environment of the users using our services. We are not responsible for the consequences of the user’s environment.

The Riiid TUTOR predicted score changes every time the user solves 50 problems regardless of Part. If artificial intelligence determines that the user’s learning performance is insignificant, there may be no change in the score. Also, please note that the recent 100 questions are considered the most important and reflected in consideration of not only the answer rate but also the time to solve, problem difficulty, and learning performance. The content of this Guide may not be applicable to the environment of the users using our services. We are not responsible for the consequences of the user’s environment.

Please, send email to with the 4 information as below.

1. Account information
2. Device information
3. When/where issue happened
4. Describe the issue you had

If you find errors within questions or vocabulary during learning, please forward the screenshot and contents of the issue to the Riiid Tutor Customer Center and we will try to take action to improve it as soon as possible.

Hello, this is Santa Currently, Santa is providing learning services free of charge. In the future, more advanced services are planned to be charged as paid products. Please note that automatic payments will not be made even if the change is made. Thank you for your interest and affection for Santa.

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