[UPDATE] Review Quiz Study Patch Improvement Notice (Oct. 13)


Hello, this is Riiid TUTOR! 😀

Thank you for using our Riiid TUTOR!


In this update, we have made improvements on the Review Quiz function as many of you have asked for. You can re-try the questions you’ve got wrong from the “Review” tab located at the bottom of the app.


Please refer to the details of the improvements on the Review Quiz function as follows:

  1. You can access the Review Quiz only within the app. (We’re still working on the PC version, so please stay tuned!)
  2. The Review Quiz is only available for paid users.
  3. Review Quiz results are not reflected in the Predicted Score. (Review Quiz is only reflected in Study Status such as Hours of Study or Study Record, etc.)
  4. Your correct answers from the Review Quiz will be changed from Incorrect Answers to Correct Answers.
  5. Once you close the app after setting filters for the Review Quiz, the filters will be reset.


(The iOS version is currently waiting approval. The update will be completed early next week at the latest)


All of us at Riiid TUTOR will continue to make efforts for you to study in the most optimized environment.


Thank you.


Best regards,


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