TOEIC Reading Part 7 Strategies For Reducing Time Spent

toeic part 7

TOEIC, an English test for international communication, has a total of 7 parts. Part 7, which evaluates reading skills using long passages, is an important part that accounts for about a quarter of the 200 TOEIC questions. To get a high TOEIC score, you must master part 7. But TOEIC Part 7’s passages are long, while the test time is far from enough. Then how can you shorten the time spent solving Part 7 on the TOEIC test?

The answer lies in paraphrasing. Paraphrasing refers to the retelling of another person’s words in the way you have understood them. In other words, you rephrase the expressions into your own words. Such paraphrasing is used in TOEIC when expressions different than that used in questions are used in the given options. There are two principles here. Today, we will look into the principles of TOEIC paraphrasing and the Part 7 paraphrasing expressions that appear often on the test.


TOEIC Paraphrasing Principle 1: Specific expressions are paraphrased into more general terms.

In TOEIC paraphrasing, specific expressions are often paraphrased into more general terms. For example, if the passage says, “I came to work after 12 o’clock,” it will say, “I was late.” in one of the options. These expressions in the table below are the time-related paraphrasing expressions that fall under this principle. These are not difficult expressions, but they appear often on the actual TOEIC test.


2 p.m. after lunch, afternoon
next Monday early next week
Saturday, Sunday weekend
7 days off vacation


TOEIC Paraphrasing Principle 2: Expressions are paraphrased into interchangeable expressions.

It seems rather obvious that paraphrasing is expressed in other words, isn’t it? It’s not strange to use “I’m late” and “I came after the designated hour” interchangeably. These types of expressions are used in TOEIC paraphrasing.

What do you think? Do you understand the idea of paraphrasing now? If you still don’t get how paraphrasing is used in the TOEIC test, try solving the questions below.


For that day only, we ask that you go for lunch from 1 P.M. to 2 P.M. instead of from noon to 1 P.M. That way, the work will be nearly finished by the time you return.

Q. What are the readers asked to do?

(A) Take a meal break later than usual

(B) Finish their work by the new deadline

(C) Work from home in the afternoon

(D) Leave the building for two hours


Have you solved it?

The answer to this question is (A) Take a meal break later than usual. Let me explain why this is so.

Do you see the expression “Take a meal break” in option (A)? This is the paraphrased version of “go for lunch” in the passage. Also, “later than usual” is a paraphrased version of the passage’s “from 1 P.M. to 2 P.M. instead of from noon to 1 P.M”. They asked me to eat lunch between 1 p.m.-2 p.m. instead of noon-1 p.m. for just one day, which means I should have a meal later than usual.

Do you understand how paraphrasing is used for TOEIC tests now? If the same expression as the passage is used in the options, there is no point in creating the problem in the first place, which is why paraphrased expressions are used.

So far, as a preview, we’ve looked at paraphrasing expressions related to time. Now, let’s look at some more paraphrasing expressions by topic.


TOEIC Paraphrasing Expressions Related to Places

historic sites tourist attractions
hotel accommodation facility
offer one’s products in over 30 countries distributes goods internationally
on a Web site through the Internet, online
venue place, location
nationally throughout the country
worldwide all over the world
office bureau
based in Seattle its headquarters is located in Seattle
within the company in-house
outside the country abroad, overseas
real estate, realty property


TOEIC Paraphrasing Expressions Related to Job and Work

phone number contact information
knowledge of computer systems computer skills
arrange a date and time make an appointment
contract agreement
firm  company, enterprise, corporate
employee evaluations appraise staff
fast-paced work environment a busy workplace
book a meeting room reserve a meeting place
contact a coworker talk to one’s colleague
distribute handouts hand out some materials
take a vacation get some time off
travel abroad go overseas
The job requires ~ job requirements


TOEIC Paraphrasing Expressions Related to Shopping/Product/Advertising

receipt proof of purchase
cost estimate information about the price
provide strength and structure sturdy
additional fee extra charge
attract draw in
clothing apparel, garment, outfit
coupon voucher
customized custom-made, tailored
discounted prices ~ % off
free of charge at no charge, complimentary
inexpensive affordable, at a reasonable price
release put ~ on the market, launch
last long durable
refund get your money back
register for sign up for
shoe footwear


Applying TOEIC Paraphrasing to Practical TOEIC Problems

Do you now have a better idea of the paraphrasing expressions in TOEIC Part 7? Now, let’s  learn the expressions of TOEIC paraphrasing by solving an actual TOEIC problem. Solve the question below.


Gina I’m supposed to work from 9 to 4 in the footwear department on Saturday, but I’ve got a family reunion on that day. Can you fill in for me? [3:49 P.M.]
Bruce Sorry, I’ll be out of town. I asked for the day off weeks ago. [3:51 P.M.]

Q. What does Gina ask Bruce to do?

(A) Attend a reunion

(B) Fill out a form

(C) Take a day off

(D) Cover her shift


Have you solved it? Let’s check the answer.

In the passage, Gina asks Bruce, “Can you fill in for me?” Here, “fill in for me (fill in for somebody)” means “to do another person’s job.” This was paraphrased as “cover her shift” in option (D). Thus, (D) Cover her shift becomes the answer.

How was it? Now that you have learned some of the TOEIC paraphrasing expressions, are you able to find the answer faster? Solve more TOEIC practice questions from the Riiid TUTOR.



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