toeic score 900

The skill gap of TOEIC Score between 900 and 950+

Hi there, it’s Riiid TUTOR! What comes to your mind when you think about TOEIC 900 points? For some people, TOEIC score 900 is a dream score. Some people may even say goodbye to studying TOEIC once they get 900 points. … Read More

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predict toeic score results

Predict Your TOEIC Score Results With 2 Questions

Hi there, it’s Riiid TUTOR! Have you ever waited nervously for your TOEIC test results? Did you ever expect that you would easily score 800 points on the TOEIC, but actually get around 700 points? Or, for those of you … Read More

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check your toeic score level

Check Your TOEIC Score Level With 2 Questions

Hi there, it’s Riiid TUTOR! If you haven’t taken a TOEIC test yet, you might not be able to guess your TOEIC level. You may be curious about how you would do on your first TOEIC test. So today, I have … Read More

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13 tips toeic study

13 Tips For TOEIC Study

Have you ever faced some difficulties when you study TOEIC? Then you are at the right page. A lot of people think TOEIC is such a boring exam to study. Yes, TOEIC test seems pretty hard to study, but it … Read More

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toeic confusing words

TOEIC – Confusing Words that Look Like Each Other

Anguish caused by English In a previous article, we discussed the concept of homonyms, and their two categories of word sets (homophones and homographs). However, homonyms can be a difficult concept to understand, especially when two homonyms have a similar, … Read More

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toeic test day tips

Tips For TOEIC On Test Day

Time to shine for TOEIC Test The big day is getting closer, you’ve worked very hard to make it to this point. Perhaps you have studied so hard for so long, you forgot what you actually need to do on … Read More

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toeic exam purpose

TOEIC Exam – Different Purpose, Different Approach

What’s your purpose of TOEIC Exam? Understanding why you are taking the TOEIC exam might be just as important as understanding the English language, in order to attain your desired score on the exam. Depending on your cause, you may … Read More

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toeic vocabulary words

TOEIC Vocabulary and Words : Understanding Common Confusing

It’s not easy to understand TOEIC Vocabulary and Words! Like any exam, TOEIC has many pitfalls and common mistakes that are frequently made by its test-takers. This article will help you understand confusing words that may be present on the … Read More

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toeic exam score

TOEIC Exam Score and Proficiency

Understanding TOEIC Exam Scores Whenever you take an exam, the first question on everyone’s mind is; “What score do I need to achieve?”. This can be a difficult question in most situations, but the system TOEIC uses doesn’t make it … Read More

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toeic toefl difference

TOEIC vs. TOEFL, What’s the Difference?

How do you know which is the right one from TOEIC vs. TOEFL? When discussing English proficiency tests, the two most frequently heard names are TOEIC and TOEFL. Both are standard English exams that help you, and the organisation you … Read More

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