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check your toeic score level

Hi there, it’s Riiid TUTOR! If you haven’t taken a TOEIC test yet, you might not be able to guess your TOEIC level. You may be curious about how you would do on your first TOEIC test. So today, I have brought 2 questions with which you can easily find out your TOEIC level before actually taking a real TOEIC test. Among the TOEIC Part 5 questions that Riiid TUTOR provides, these were the questions that people who score 600 level mostly get wrong, compared to those who score over 700. These two questions will not be an absolute indicator of the 700 score level in the TOEIC, but they will help you estimate what level you are at with the TOEIC. Try solving them to find out your TOEIC level.


The first question to figure out if you can score over 700 in TOEIC

This is the first question to find out if you can score over 700 in the TOEIC test.

Which answer should come in the blank space?


Question 1.

Not only was the content of Ms. Arden’s speech interesting, but the _______ of her delivery was also extraordinary.

(A) eloquence

(B) assertion

(C) observance

(D) restriction


How was it? Were you able to solve it easily? I’m curious as to which answer you’ve chosen, for those of you who are aiming to score over 700, so let me take a guess.

Did you choose (C) observance?

By any chance, did you choose (C) observance? Did I guess right? If you chose (C) observance, unfortunately, you may not be able to reach the 700 score level in TOEIC. But it’s too early to be disappointed. If you improve your skills before you take an actual TOEIC exam, you will definitely be able to reach the 700 points range. I’ll let you know the answer soon, but before that, would you like to know how I was able to guess that you will choose (C) observance? I’ll tell you how.

An analysis of the learning data of this problem held by Riiid TUTOR showed that 32.93% of those who have scored 600 points level chose C) observance. This is one-third of the TOEIC users in the 600 score level range. Compared to those who scored above 700 points on the TOEIC, the incorrect answer rate was 23.9% higher. Where did such a noticeable difference come from?

The question of choosing a noun vocabulary meaningfully linked to ‘her delivery’.

Ms. Arden’s presentation was not only interesting but also persuasive.

The answer to this question was (A) eloquence. The question required choosing the most appropriate noun vocabulary to go in the blank, and this should be a word that is connected to “her delivery”. If you interpret the content after the blank, it means that the ________ of the presentation was excellent; so, it is most appropriate to choose eloquence, which includes the meaning of persuasion. (B) assertion means ‘declaration’, (C) observance means ‘compliance’ , and (D) restriction means ‘limitation’, which are all incorrect because they do not suit the logical flow of the sentence.

Those of you who chose (C) observance in this question may not have known the meaning of the words eloquence and observance. In order to get a high score on the TOEIC test, you need to know a lot of vocabulary that frequently comes up in the test, but your current vocabulary skill is a bit lacking. Shall we take a look at one more question?


The second question to figure out if you can score over 700 in TOEIC

This is the second question.


Question 2.

Trenton Software, a _______ of Royale Electronics, has announced its highest annual earnings since being established five years ago.

(A) subsidiary

(B) presentation

(C) subscriber

(D) concept


How was this question? Let me guess which option was chosen by people aiming for a TOEIC score level of 700.

Did you choose (B) presentation? Was my prediction right again this time? If you chose (B) presentation as the answer, you are also likely to not be able to reach the score above 700 just yet. If you want to reach the TOEIC score level of over 700, you may want to try a little harder. Again, I’ll explain why I expected you to choose (B) presentation again.

After analyzing the learning data of this problem held by Riiid TUTOR, we found that 37.67% of learners with a score level of 600 chose (B) presentation. That’s a pretty high figure. Compared to those who scored over 700 points on TOEIC, the incorrect answer rate was 31.52% higher.

Trenton Software, a subsidiary of Royal Electronics, announced its highest annual sales since its foundation five years ago.

The answer to this question was (A) subsidiary. Like the previous question, it was about choosing the appropriate noun vocabulary to go into the blank. This question has a sentence structure that includes apposition , which is frequently asked in the TOEIC test. The noun that goes into the blank must be a word that can represent the relationship between the two companies, an appositive phrase for Trenton Software, the subject of the sentence. So the answer is (A) subsidiary, which means “affiliated company.” (B) presentation means “announcement,” (C) subscriber means “reader,” and (D) concept means “notion.”

Those who chose (B) presentation in this question (similarly to the first question above) probably didn’t know the meaning of the word subsidiary. That’s why the most plausible word known was chosen. As I said before, if you are aiming for a high score on the TOEIC test, you should memorize a lot of words. You have to study lots of vocabulary to raise your score to 700 points.


44,249,648 pieces of data will guide you toward the right way to study!

Quickly assess your TOEIC level and only study areas where you are lacking!

Do you have an idea now of what your TOEIC level is? This process of identifying your level before taking the TOEIC test and before you start studying TOEIC is very useful. You need to know your current skill level to know what you need to focus on when studying in the future. A quick diagnosis of your level and intensive learning of the parts that you lack is a shortcut to improving TOEIC scores.



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