13 Tips For TOEIC Study

13 tips toeic study

Have you ever faced some difficulties when you study TOEIC? Then you are at the right page. A lot of people think TOEIC is such a boring exam to study. Yes, TOEIC test seems pretty hard to study, but it most certainly is not. Here, we are going to share some engaging tips to overcome your difficulties and make you study TOEIC more easily and effectively.


  1. Scan the reading content
    Scanning the content is the first step that you need to do on the Reading Part of TOEIC Test. The second step is to identify the topic of the content and pick out specific details. Next step is to find the keywords in the text and summarize the main idea of content.
  1. Underline the important words
    This is an easy and useful way for test takers to use for TOEIC Test. This method will give test takers more chances to take the correct answer and make them underline a couple of words in the text including some important information. In this way, it will help test takers to figure out how many important underlined words that test takers consider when they look over the text while answering the questions.
  1. Find the synonyms
    Improving English vocabulary skill is an essential factor that brings good results of TOEIC Exam. When you find some words and its meaning is not clear for you, you can look up some synonyms. This will help you not only understand the meaning of the words but also build a strong vocabulary. For example, when you read a sentence that says “the professor looks annoyed.” then you can find synonyms for ‘annoyed’.
  1. Match the questions to the texts
    Once you are done with reading the texts, the next step is to move on to the questions of TOEIC exam. It is very important to find the points of the questions. Usually, the questions have some clues that might help you to choose the correct answers. When you figure out the points, move on to the text again and skim and scan the whole passage that matches those points.
  1. Read the questions carefully
    One of the most common mistakes people make is that they don’t read the questions in TOEIC carefully. As we mentioned above, the questions might have some keywords for the answers. And sometimes questions are deliberately designed to make test takers confused. Make sure to understand the questions with precision.
  1. Don’t try to translate
    Don’t try to understand the words you don’t know into your native language during the TOEIC exam. It is impossible to know every word and translating them wastes a lot of time. If you are unsure, don’t panic. Just try to guess the meaning from the context and to find the key information from the text.
  1. Trust your instincts
    Sometimes you will be confused between a “right answer” and the “best possible answer” in TOEIC test. When you find a right answer, it literally means that there is only one correct answer. However, when you find the best possible answer, there might be several correct answers. So, you need to guess and derive the best possible answer based on the facts in the context. In this process, you need to trust your instincts.
  1. Improve prediction skills for Listening Part
    In the Listening Comprehension Part2 section of TOEIC test, you will hear the questions and possible answers to the questions as options. As soon as you hear the questions, you already need to predict what to answer for the question which is related with time management and various test conditions.
  1. Catch the important topics from the Listening
    The whole point of the TOEIC listening test part is to see if you can understand English spoken at conversation speed. Also, you will be able to listen to the audio only once. To improve your listening skills, get used to different accents and how native English speakers say in the actual conversation. Once you practiced enough, take a note while listening. This leads to a better understanding and helps you remember important information from the audio.
  1. Prepare under the Actual test conditions
    When you enter the test place, it might be different from where you used to study. Make sure you understand the format of the test and take the sample exam under the same test conditions. This will prevent you from being nervous and making mistakes at the TOEIC test.
  1. Time management
    Time management is the most challenging part for the students. In the reading section of TOEIC, you will have 75 minutes to complete part V, VI and VII. Part V and VI are relatively more difficult than Part VII. So many students tend to spend more time on Part V and VI. However, usually it takes 45 minutes to complete Part VII. Be aware that do not spend more than 30 minutes on Part V and VI.
  1. Don’t cram for TOEIC
    The TOEIC test is not a pop quiz that you can prepare in a short time. The TOEIC test requires students to put a lot of effort and time into studying. The best way of studying for the TOEIC is to make the regular study plans daily, weekly, and monthly. And carry out those plans every day. Your TOEIC test skill will be developed by putting an effort accumulated through day-by-day practice.
  1. Watch your favorite TV shows or YouTube
    Are you getting bored of studying from books? Here is another great way to study the TOEIC. Just watch your favorite TV shows or YouTube channels where people speak English fluently. This will help you not only improve your English but also get used to the speed of native speakers. But just make sure to study English and don’t get distracted by the TV show or videos.


These are simple but effective tips that lead to good grades on the TOEIC test. Follow these useful tips to achieve the best results on the TOEIC test!



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