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TOEIC education accompanies you from beginning to end

B2B is now working with Santa. Santa, selected by 4 million users, is now available to your students, executives and employees.


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Score increases when learning 1,000 questions

B2B Dashboard

View key learning achievements of B2B training programs such as class attendance, average predicted scores, and average vulnerable types. In addition, the learning status and vulnerable types of each learner can be traced in real time, enabling sophisticated learning guidance even in an untact educational environment. After finishing the program, get a detailed analysis report of the amount of learning and performance thoroughly.

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Program consulting & orientation

Riiid managers walk hand-in-hand with you from program consulting to orientation for agencies.

Personalized 1:1 Learning Paths

With ever-evolving TOEIC content, Riiid AI provides learners with a 1:1 customized curriculum.

Check Real-time learning status

Highly sophisticated real-time learning is provided even in an untact learning environment, since the learning status is available to check in real time.

Systematic Results Reporting System

All students can experience both 1:1 counseling channels and a thorough reporting system for professors and institutional staff.

Predictive scores based on learning records

This is an example of an increase in the predicted score of an institution that actually implemented Riiid AI for TOEIC B2B program. Riiid AI engine updates learners' prediction scores by analyzing learners' answer rate and solving times in real time. As a result of analyzing the final predicted score increase, both the number of problems solved and the learning time through the Santa learning app showed that the predicted score increase was rightward. Students who solved more than 1,000 problems recommended by Riiid AI had increased scores by an average of 111.11 points, while those who studied for more than 10 hours had increased scores by an average of 80.66 points.

for B2B
for B2B

Predictive scores based on the number of problems solved

Predictive scores based on learning time

When Riiid AI meets with the professor, it exerts even greater synergy.

Riiid B2B PROGRAM exists for professors who guide and manage many students. Feel free to use the Riiid AI engine as a class tool for many purposes from real-time analysis of students' learning skills to recommending personalized learning content.

  • It provides differentiated value for class, learner’s individual learning status and TOEIC prediction scores.
  • Predicts AI-based classes, learner-specific vulnerability types in real time.
  • Increases the efficiency of learning management by inquiring about real-time learning participation and achievement.
  • Significantly reduces the time spent for analyzing quality learning outcomes.

Amazing results for amazing clients

B2B Program

Many institutions are already changing their TOEIC learning methods with Santa for TOEIC Test.

  • AI Personal Learning Analysis
  • AI Recommendations
  • Course Sets by Level
  • Vocabulary Learning
  • How to Review
  • Dashboard
  • Analyze Training Program Results
  • Learning Environment
Riiid B2B Program
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  • Learn mobile vocabulary
  • Automatically record online review notes
  • Real-time learning status check
  • Provide Learning report
  • Synchronize mobile, tablet, PC
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  • textbook
  • self recording
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  • PC, textbook

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