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Why Santa?

Santa has been the go-to choice for TOEIC preparation by more than 4 million users around the world for a reason. With our solution, 4 million spent the shortest amount of time they ever experienced studying to achieve the desired score. Now, it is your time to experience it.

It's Awesome

The user data analysis vindicated that the average score increased by 165 points within 20 hours of learning on our solution. The consistent users reported experiencing the desired increase in score in the shortest time.

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Powerful Features

Our AI system evaluates more than 300 million cases of TOEIC data. After analyzing an amount immeasurable by humans, it recommends questions that each user needs the most. Our AI tutor provides not only the most appropriate level of contents but also the precise score prediction, motivating the users to solve 3 times as more questions than they normally would with a workbook.

Santa can perform :

Level test

AI can accurately predict your score with only 12 questions and give you the result in Visual Analytics.

Learning recommendations

AI recommends personalized learning contents and lectures based on the user’s weakness.

Selective Learning

AI recommends the most personalized learning path to further improve the user’s weakness.

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My Note

AI enables the users to view their learning history and thus use it for effective review.


AI updates the user’s current score on TOEIC as well as the current learning status.

TOEIC Lectures and questions

AI has accumulated the latest collection of 450 lectures and 8,000 questions of TOEIC.

“I was able to get 620 points, which is 200 points higher than the first TOEIC in a month using the Santa.”
Transfer Student
“I went to TOEIC academy and studied, but I couldn't get over 700 points. By the way, I achieved 770 points in 3 weeks using the Santa!”
Graduating student
“My TOEIC score was in the 600s, but I got over 800 points after I joined the Santa! My goal is over 900 points.”
Job Applicant

Anytime, anywhere, wherever you want to learn TOEIC

Santa works with mobile, tablet, and PC to keep the learning going anytime, and anywhere. Study as much as you want, wherever you want, without any constraints on time and space.

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